Our story

Established in 2008 by Susanne Råsfalk, Sami Originals’ vision is focused on innovative design and excellence in quality. The Swedish founder and creative source presents an environment-friendly and sustainable collection using only the finest materials. Based on the French Riviera, our brand is a mix of Scandinavian simplicity and exquisite craftmanship.

The art of the creation

The northern heritage comes to life through each handmade piece. From carefully hand-cut leather to detailed ornations, the creations pass through expert hands form start to finish. We hope our customers love our creations as much as we do. Your satisfaction is ours.

What makes Sami Originals unique

Sami Originals’ northern inspired collection shows unique style and strong craftmanship. Susanne’s passion for the creative process is the driving force. «It is a pleasure to create when you love what you are doing, and our hope is that this transpires to our customers.»

Behind the design and meticolous attention to detail lays the sourcing of raw material. We work with top European tanneries to meet our high standards, and choose eco-friendly leather, free from chrome and other heavy metals. We also visit trade fairs to keep up with the latest trends and colors. Handpicking top of the line genuine leather.

Our pewter thread comes from a Swedish supplier known for its fine selection. Guaranteed nickel free with the highest 10% in silver content. Providing supreme shine and durability. Our collection will last longer and becomes more beautiful with time.